Tijuana dentist reviews

My Baja Dental

Dr. Enrique Hernandez recognized the potential of Tijuana and started a dental clinic "My Baja Dental" that patients from other countries offering services in all branches of dentistry at affordable prices. And their experience guarantees that you will not have a problem with surgery....

Vm Dental Group

Dr. Velazquez got his diploma 33 years ago, and started a dental clinic Vm Dental Group in Tijuana, gathering the type of experienced dentists who are willing to inform on the best way to approach treatment of patients. Also in the office working and experienced staff that is accustomed to...

Dental Familiar Las Californias

If you come to Tijuana on dental services, then be sure to pay attention to the Dental Familiar Las Californias, the dental office with years of family experience. Doctors have received their diplomas in California and regularly upgrade their knowledge at seminars in dentistry.

Centro De Implantes Dentales

Centro De Implantes dentales has become known for the phenomenon known as "dental tourism" that's when patients travel to other countries to make dental care and much lower prices than they would pay at home. That is how this clinic became very famous because many patients from the...

Dental Drei

Quality dental services at affordable prices, it sounds strange, but from now on Dentallianz and it can get. Dental clinic located in Matamoros. Well equipped office, relaxing environment and experienced staff is a recipe for a successful operation. A group of dental specialists together to...

Dr. Pablo Alba

Promedent Clinic

Promedent Clinic is a dental clinic in Tijuana, in which employees are experts in the field of orthodontics and orthopedics. With more than 20 years of experience and continuous training, the doctors at the clinic are able to solve every problem with your oral health.

Liberty Dental Clinic

Get the best professional attention at Liberty Dental Clinic in Tijuana and the highest quality at a very low cost. Save 50% to 75% 


We offer a highly controlled sterilization system for your total security and confidence with space age materials and mercury-free dentistry. In our clinic we do all dental specialties, such as:Mercury Removal – Cavitations surgery - Ozone Dental Treatment  -  General Dentistry  -  Zoom Teeth...

Dental World

Dr. Luis M. Rodriguez works as a dentist in Tijuana since 1986 and currently leads the dental clinic Dental World. This is a clinic that visits lots of patients from the United States and Canada who have heard of good quality but cheap dental services. The clinic, which will be for you to find...

Dental Balzaretti

Dental Art Center / Dr.jose A. Caballero Dds

Dental Art Center was founded by Dr. Jose A. Caballero. Doctor who has had a lot of years of experience and a lot of training and certification. Its objective is to establish a quality relationship between patient and doctor and modern equipment to solve every problem, and the patient again put...

Denticentre Tijuana

Denticentr in Tijuana was founded back 1991st which is aimed at providing high-quality dental care to patients from other countries, like the U.S. and Canada, in 1/3 price that would pay at home. Also clinics accept American insurance. Clinic under the same roof employs licensed dentists,...

Dental Cuen

Dental Cuen a dental practice located in Tijuana. The goal of practice is to provide quality dental care for local residents, but also for all the patients who come from America or Canada.

Washington Dental Clinics

Washington Dental Clinics is located in Tijuana, and as such represents an excellent choice for dental tourism because Tijuana is a great tourist destination, and the proximity of San Diego and the airport represents a well connected with the rest of the world. Doctors with experience of 30...

Ortodoncia Ninos Y Adultos

Ortodoncia Ninos Y Adultos gathers a team of doctors who are in the forefront of care for the youngest patients and their teeth. Experts for orthodontics and straightening teeth. And if you need their services, you can find them in the center of Tijuana.

Ac Especialistas Odontologicos

Ac Especialistas Odontologicos - dentists specialize in Odontology.  Although working at the clinic almost all dental procedures. If you want to have a perfect smile in which you will all envy then this clinic for you. The clinic is located near the city of Tijuana.

Dental smile

Dental Smile is located in Tijuana. Dental Practice corsets every year passes thousands of satisfied patients. Office that takes care of their patients after they leave office, and the main goal is to put a smile on the faces of patients.

Dental Image And Orthodontics

Two doctors who specialize in beauty smile - Dr. Cesar Manrique Moreno and Dr. Ariosto Manrique Martinez. They both work in the Dental Image And Orthodontics office, which is located near the city of Tijuana. Orthodontics is their primary area of ​​expertise, but they are able to do any other...


Dicoadental is a dental practice that is recognized by many patients who come for dental implants and general dentistry. Dental clinic located in Tijuana, a rest along the border with America. In practice most of the patients come who want to save on dental care.

Tijuana Dentist Max Corona

Tijuana dentistry is a dental clinic in Tijuana Mexico by Tijuana dentist Max Corona that offers premium quality dental services at great prices, services like dental implants, all ceramic crowns, root canals and general dentistry. Tijuana dentistry also offers conscious sedation upon request. ...

Dra. Claudia Rodriguez E.

Dra. Claudia E. Rodriguez was employed at Clinica Union Medica, in Tijuana, dental clinic, which opened its doors back in 1997, which has since gathered young and good dentists. And for patients offer all dental services in one place.

Dental Implants Center

Dr. Ricardo Alvarez-Carrera launched years ago Dental Implants Center in Tijuana, and since then only has numerous honors and awards for his work. And one of the biggest award him the satisfaction of their patients. One of the few doctors who can boast more than 26 years of experience and...

Das Dental Group Dr. Miguel Montoya

Dr. Miguel Montoya for 13 years has a clinic in Tijuana and is called Das Dental Group. A dentist is a member of ADA since 2008. Which means that a doctor committed to high standards of quality and purity. As the clinic is located in the traffic and tourist town and so prices attracts many...

Tijuana Dentist - Dr Mario Lamas

Tijuana Dentist Dr Mario Lamas ist the best option for a Dentist in Mexico. Dr Mario Lamas is very easy to find it. Their office offers a high quality dental treatment in addition to high level of sterilization control and provide a high quality dental treatment at...

Dr. Del Villar

MISSIONTo be the best dental clinic in the city, offering the best service with the highest technology.VISIONTo become a recognized clinic to meet the needs of society, providing the best services and work with the highest quality.VALUESRESPECT: We maintain a good relationship with our...

Dr Erich Wolleydda

Dentist from Tijuana, Dr Erich Wolleydda for years helping his patients, and his specialty is cosmetic dentistry, but very good in prevention.

Dental Chin

Dental Practice Dental Chin is located in the center of Tijuana. It is for many amerkinace popular tourist destination because arriving at dental services can combine holiday with savings. The quality of work is at a very high level for dentists constantly follow news from the world of dentistry...

Clinica Dental Dentauro

Hospital Mexico

"Hospital Mexico" is the place to solve all your health problems, have offered Dentistry, Internal Medicine, Urology, Otolaryngology, Neurosurgery, General Medicine, Orthopedics and Traumatology, General Surgery, Psychiatry, Ophthalmology, X-ray, Ultrasound, Dermatology, Gynecology and...