Dental implants Tijuana

The American Bio-dental Center

The American Bio-Dental Center is a modern and fully equipped clinic that in his work he uses biological materials. Doctors at the clinic mostly keep an eye on the patient's health and the selection of the most effective methods of treatment. With experience you have accumulated and modern...

Clinica Dental Dr.Escalante

Clinica Dental Dr.Escalante exemplifies prestige and a very good dental office in the Tijuana. Dr. Escalante behind has thousands of satisfied patients `from the different parts of Mexico and the United States, and many have come from Canada. Doctor their services charge up to 80 percent cheaper...

Centro Dental Conors

Dental clinic located in Tijuana. Centro Dental Conors their patients offers a wide range of dental services at affordable prices. And because of its excellent location in Tijana can come and dental tourism and combine rest and repair teeth.

Dental Implants Center

Dr. Ricardo Alvarez-Carrera launched years ago Dental Implants Center in Tijuana, and since then only has numerous honors and awards for his work. And one of the biggest award him the satisfaction of their patients. One of the few doctors who can boast more than 26 years of experience and...

Dent Art Center

Dent Art Center  is dental clinic which provides top quality, cost effective and comprehensive dental care . This clinic is established and situated in Tijuana, Mexico near border with US.
The staff at clinic is professional, polite and skilled, with high education in various...

Tijuana Dental Solutions

Tijuana Dental Solutions is a dental clinic in Tijuana, which brings together a team of experienced doctors who offer all dental procedures at affordable prices.


Dicoadental is a dental practice that is recognized by many patients who come for dental implants and general dentistry. Dental clinic located in Tijuana, a rest along the border with America. In practice most of the patients come who want to save on dental care.

Quality Gentle Dental Care Dr. Erico Carreno

Quality Gentle Dental Care is a clinic with modern equipment, the clinic founded by Dr. Eric Carreno in Tijuana. Clinics that are recognized by many patients from the United States and Canada, who come to Tijuana at great discounts. Constant investment in equipment and knowledge they want to...

Sanatum Buccae

Everything you ever need for dental tourism is in the dental office Sanatum Buccae in central Tijuana. These well-established doctors who know to solve every problem with your dental health.

Odontologia Integral de Mexico

Presenting Odontologia Integral de Mexico, located in the new River Zone of Tijuana Mexico close to Plaza Rio Shopping Center. This dental clinic is nestled in a commercial area with easy and close access from the border. We have been working from 1986 in Tijuana as a dental group. We have...

General Dentistry Tijuana

 We are a state of the art Dental Clinic we use the finest quality material. We provide Cosmetic, and general dental treatments in a caring and supportive environment. We have the lowest prices in the San Diego-Tijuana Region. All of our dental work is guaranteed.   

Dra Perla Acevedo Rivera

Doctor who built his career in Tijuana, and their patients offering the following services: Dentistry, Dentures, Endodontic Services, Family Dentistry, Dental Implants, Orthodontic Services, Periodontic Services. Experience and knowledge gained is transferred daily to his patients, offering a...

Dental 9


With two dental offices Maxidental prominence as a leader in dental services, primarily in dental implants and orthodontics. Modern and fully equipped office and the staff is ready to solve the any problem.

My Tijuana Dentists

American materials and knowledge now in My Tijuana Dentists clinic, but for less than a quarter of the price in the U.S.. Cheap, but excellent tourist destination and experienced dentists are a good reason to come to the dental tourism. Uklinici will arrange for free transportation from the...

Dental smile

Dental Smile is located in Tijuana. Dental Practice corsets every year passes thousands of satisfied patients. Office that takes care of their patients after they leave office, and the main goal is to put a smile on the faces of patients.

Ortodoncia Ninos Y Adultos

Ortodoncia Ninos Y Adultos gathers a team of doctors who are in the forefront of care for the youngest patients and their teeth. Experts for orthodontics and straightening teeth. And if you need their services, you can find them in the center of Tijuana.

Luly Dental Group

If you arrive in Tijuana by dental practice then you must visit Luly Dental Group, which brings together a multitude of experienced dentist to his patients happy.

Dr. Marco A. Bogarin

Dr. Marco Antonio Bogarin V is known for his gentle and creative touch. He enjoys helping each of his patients improve their health, appearance and self-esteem by creating the smile of their dreams and also maintaining the health and function of their teeth, gums and bite. Dr. Marco Antonio...

Promedent Clinic

Promedent Clinic is a dental clinic in Tijuana, in which employees are experts in the field of orthodontics and orthopedics. With more than 20 years of experience and continuous training, the doctors at the clinic are able to solve every problem with your oral health.

ICD Institute Cosmetic Dentistry

THE IC  DENTISTRY VISION: We take the health and beauty of our patients to a new level. Our patients come first and are cared for with personal attention and genuine compassion. We take the necessary time to create a truly exceptional experience. We have strict guidelines in sterilization of...

Dental De Sol

Dental De Sol has a group of dental offices across Mexico in the U.S., it is a family business. Son continued his father's footsteps and is currently working in Tijuana. Clinic specializes in orthodontic braces, and cosmetic dentistry. Also have the latest equipment, new Zoom! lamp for teeth...

Centro Dental Veracruz

Centro Dental Veracruz is a dental practice located in downtown Tijuana. They offer most dental offices at very reasonable prices.

Dental Chin

Dental Practice Dental Chin is located in the center of Tijuana. It is for many amerkinace popular tourist destination because arriving at dental services can combine holiday with savings. The quality of work is at a very high level for dentists constantly follow news from the world of dentistry...


Dentalwork4u - all dental services at affordable prices in one place, in Tijuana.

Dentistas Asociados Tijuana

Dentists Associates in Tijuana has over 30 years in the care of their oral health, dedicated to always seek excellence in the quality of our services, made ​​by a team of professionals in oral health. For their patients offering services from prevention, cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics...

Pacific Dental Tijuana

On behalf of our entire Tijuana dental team, we welcome you to our office. We are excited to share with you how dentistry has changed in the past 20 years. Advances in everything from improved dental materials to a strong emphasis on prevention have combined to make dentistry a much more...

Dental Drei

Quality dental services at affordable prices, it sounds strange, but from now on Dentallianz and it can get. Dental clinic located in Matamoros. Well equipped office, relaxing environment and experienced staff is a recipe for a successful operation. A group of dental specialists together to...

Dr. Del Villar

MISSIONTo be the best dental clinic in the city, offering the best service with the highest technology.VISIONTo become a recognized clinic to meet the needs of society, providing the best services and work with the highest quality.VALUESRESPECT: We maintain a good relationship with our...

Sam Dental Tijuana

Many who plan to go to dental tourism are a lot of questions, but Sam Dental in Tijuana has all the answers. Prices and savings are the two main reasons for the increasing the arrival of patients from other countries, but also the excellent quality of the work that doctors can provide. Sam...